Covering Disasters: The Good, The Bad and The Under-Reported

You have seen the images of CNN’s Anderson Cooper rescuing flooding survivors in Houston after Hurricane and Tropical Storm Harvey caused water levels to rise rooftop deep. We have seen a mother’s impassioned comments about journalists putting a mike in her face while she and her children stood wet in a crowded shelter.

As journalists, we have to get the story but are we working harder to get some stories than others? Do we cover the areas that are safe to us and stories that are familiar to us and damn to the rest? Were there moments when journalists wanted to do more and didn’t feel like it was right?

Did we see instances of journalists acting as we would want or against what we would want? When journalists come across people who are in perilous situations, do we have some sort of obligation to help them as well as tell their story? And if we help them is that advocacy journalism or is that what is called being a human being?

This symposium will seek the answers to these questions and more.

Confirmed speakers include Latino Public Radio Consortium Executive Director Magaly Rivera; NB6 Chief Meteorologist John Morales; Community activist and George Soros Jusice Fellow Valencia Gunder; WPLG Channel 10 reporter Christian De La Rosa; David Rosen, a former emergency operations manager; and photojournalist Zak Bennett and others.

The symposium is being brought to South Florida Black Journalists Association, the Society of Professional Journalists Florida Pro, the National Association of Hispanic Journalists South Florida, CDG Agency and Bubble City Wynwood, Popup Events Group.

A reception follows the program. Rsvp here.