March Member of the Month: Carol Reynolds-Srot

Carol Reynolds-Srot

Carol Reynolds-Srot is a multiracial journalist who is extremely proud of her Chinese, Black, Jamaican heritage. She is passionate about her family—especially her children Zachary, Kelly, and Trinity (the dog); her career; and cooking.

“I joined SFBJA because I believe that minorities have to support each other and help each other up,” said Carol.

She has been doing work with journalism students for a very long time. First, by being in charge of the interns when she was a copy editor on the Universal Copy Desk at the Detroit Free Press in the mid 1980s. Again, doing the same as an assistant editor in features at Newsday on Long Island. Throughout the years, she has run mentorship programs, mentored, taught resume writing classes, and headed scholarship committees. Reynolds-Srot has done whatever she could to help future journalists learn what the profession is all about, and she has helped students find direction as they sought a path to a successful career. SFBJA salutes Carol for continuing her work by assisting SFBJA to reach out to students.

Carol was born in Kingston, Jamaica, but grew up in Brooklyn, N.Y. She has spent most of her 34-year journalism career as a newspaper editor, but she also has been a reporter, magazine editor, and online editor. During her recent unemployment, she spent a few years being a freelance writer penning everything from political features to restaurant reviews (check out her work at She is now the associate editor/copywriter for the Office of Publications at Nova Southeastern University. Carol likes to swim; take Trinity to the doggie park for long walks; watch television, movies, and plays; dance; and cook!