Scholarship Chair: Russell Motley

As the broadcast journalism professor at Florida Memorial University (FMU), Russell Motley is in a prime position to help mold the next generation of African-American journalists. As a former TV news anchor and reporter, Russell always made time to mentor and coach aspiring journalists. So, teaching college students was a natural transition. Recognizing the need for strong academic influences at historically black colleges and universities, Russell decided to work at FMU after attending graduate school at FAMU.

During the Fall 2014 semester, Russell helped launch FMU-NABJ, for which he serves as the faculty adviser. He describes this as one of his proudest moments as a professor, especially because NABJ has been an integral part of his life from the start of his broadcast career. Through
FMU-NABJ, Russell hopes to enhance the value of communication majors at Florida Memorial University. He is also adamant about  teaching students, early in their life, to give back. As part of FMU-NABJ’s public service, members will mentor grade-school students interested in journalism at the SEED School of Miami. This charter school is located on FMU’s campus.

Russell is also a board member (parliamentarian) of the South Florida Black Journalists Association.  He is honored to represent and support his colleagues as they continue to evolve right along with the communications industry.